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1. Where can I purchase American Pride® paint?
Our paints are sold through a national network of green building supply stores and traditional paint stores. Please give us a call at (888) 714-9422 and we will be glad to refer you to a dealer near you.
2. How do I know I am buying a safer, higher quality product?
American Pride® paints were originally developed by polymer scientists at the University of Southern Mississippi for use by the U.S. Department of Defense. The Pentagon wanted to eliminate the off-gassing and odor found when using traditional latex wall paints. The media attention surrounding the first shipment of paint to the Pentagon prompted numerous calls from the general public asking where they could purchase products for use in their home and the rest is history. Today, American Pride® paints meet and exceed the most stringent environmental and performance testing standards including those by Green Wise® and Master Painters Institute.
3. What differentiates American Pride® paints from other coatings that claim to be environmentally friendly and safe?
Our formulations are built from the ground up with an emphasis on performance and your personal safety while protecting our environment. We are the only company that offers Green Wise® certification on every product we manufacture. We are unlike other larger companies that offer a few green products while simultaneously fighting tougher VOC regulations and polluting our environment with conventional, higher solvent containing products.
4. Do your paints contain lead, mercury, formaldehyde, formaldehyde precursors, crystalline silica or other known toxic materials or suspected carcinogens?
Absolutely not.
5. How do I know which sheen is right for me?
Selecting the right sheen (gloss level) is important to ensure your complete satisfaction. Keep in mind that the appearance of paint colors is also affected by differences in gloss level.
Flat: A soft, non-reflective finish that is ideal for hiding minor surface imperfections. Ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms and on ceilings.
Eggshell: Rich and velvety, this is our most popular and versatile finish. The outstanding cleanability of this finish make it ideal for virtually any room including higher traffic areas and kids rooms.
Semi-Gloss: A shiny finish that is widely used on wood trim and in high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Frequently used to provide decorative contrast.
6. I am chemically sensitive. Can I use your paint?
We have had individuals with severe chemical sensitivities use our paint successfully even when they had tried other “safe” paint brands and experienced a reaction. We are happy to supply you with MSDS and VOC information if that will help in your decision. If you are still unsure, we recommend consultation with your physician.
7. What are VOCs? Why are they used? Why are they regulated?
Most of the solvents used in the paint industry are classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By definition, a VOC is any compound of carbon (excluding carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbides or carbonates, and ammonium carbonate) which participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions. VOCs react with nitrous oxides in the air to create ground level ozone (smog). Because of the negative impact on human health and our environment, VOCs are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Each year, VOC laws become more restrictive and traditional paint companies are forced to change their formulations.
8. Some companies use “exempt solvents” to reduce the reported level of VOCs. Do you?
No. Our zero VOC wall paints are truly zero VOC.
9. How durable are American Pride® paints?
Our paints are premium quality and compare favorably with premium conventional, solvent containing paints for key properties such as spatter resistance, hiding, and cleanability. In fact, our paints are so durable that they consistently scrub 10 to 30 times longer than the performance standard set by Green Wise®.
10. What colors are available?
We offer 940 standard palette colors. We can also match virtually any other company’s color. Just give us the company name and color chip identification and we will match it.
11. Does the addition of colorant (tinting material) impact the VOC or safety of your products?
Zero VOC colorants are available. Please consult your local retailer for details.
12. Can your paints seal in off-gassing?
American Pride® paints are formulated to minimize off-gassing yet breathe to allow for a healthy exchange of outside air. It is not prudent to completely seal the wall surface as this traps potentially harmful chemicals that offgass from carpeting and furniture inside the room.
13. What is the shelf life of your paints?
When properly stored, unopened American Pride® paints have a shelf life of at least two years. Because we do not use toxic fungicides, our paints are subject to microbial contamination if painting tools are dipped directly into the paint can. Therefore, we recommend pouring the required amount of paint out into a separate container and immediately resealing the paint can for storage in a cool, dry place.
14. Why is coverage reduced in dark, bright accent colors?
Certain accent colors may require more than one coat to obtain complete coverage and develop their true color. This is because the white pigment that provides hiding properties (through the scattering of light) in lighter tint base colors cannot be used to make dark, rich accent colors.
15. Do you offer any paints that resist mold and mildew? What is ZOE protection?
Mold and mildew can be a problem in areas of the home that have high humidity and poor ventilation such as bathrooms and kitchens. In areas where mildew is a problem, we recommend increasing the ventilation and installing a dehumidifier. The existing mildew should be removed by using a dilute 1:3 bleach and water solution. Caution: Wear appropriate protective equipment when handling bleach. Once the surface is thoroughly dry, we recommend painting with American Pride® Semi-Gloss with ZOE protection. ZOE is a safe, antifungal material found in leading dandruff shampoos.
16. How long should I wait before applying another coat of paint?
Although the paint will dry to touch fairly quickly, we recommend waiting four hours between coats. High humidity, low temperature, poor ventilation and thicker films will increase the recommended dry time.
17. How do I clean my walls?
We recommend using a mild liquid dish detergent and water. Do not use harsh cleaning solutions such as ammonia based window cleaners or abrasive powders. Use a soft sponge and move in light circular motions. American Pride® paint may be washed 30 days after application.

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