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Frequently Asked Questions American Pride® Paint Products


Southern Diversified Products, LLC
46 Shelby Thames Dr
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Customer Service: 1-888-714-9422

High Performance, Environmentally Friendly Coatings

American Pride® paints are developed and marketed by Southern Diversified Products, LLC (SDP) in cooperation with the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). Researchers at USM develop high performance polymers that provide benefits to both the end user and the environment. Southern Diversified Products (SDP) provides a commercial outlet for USM innovations by licensing their technologies thus providing a future revenue stream for the University. In addition to paint, SDP has commercialized a bio-based fabric treatment used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Current projects include the development of an environmentally friendly coating for Navy ships as well as a soy based adhesive for particleboard.

American Pride® Interior Paint Unlike most competitive products, all American Pride® paints are Green Wise certified, are always solvent-free (zero VOC), and never contain chemicals that are suspected carcinogens. This means that the indoor air remains free of harmful chemicals and odors thus providing a direct benefit to anyone that comes into contact with the products. Based on our lab results comparing American Pride® paint to the highest rated paints in a leading consumer testing magazine, we believe that American Pride® paints are the most environmentally friendly, highest performing latex paint products available anywhere at any price. For added confidence, all American Pride® paints come with a satisfaction guarantee.


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